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Flying to Comporta means escaping the bustling city, the crowds, possible traffic jams and the stress. This is the perfect and quick getaway to an amazing and unique voyage over the Lisbon Region, where you will see the absolute stunning views from the top of Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra, Setúbaland the Arrábida Mountains. In Lisbon there are 2 pick-up/ drop-off points: Lisbon airport and Belem, however a driver can pick you up from whichever point you are at.

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You choose the car, the route and the dates! All drivers are credited by the Portugal Tourism, speaking 3 languages and available 24/7. The available fleet to choose from is: Mercedes E Class (fits 4 ppl), Mercedes S Class (fits 3 ppl), Mercedes V Class (fits 7 ppl), Mercedes Sprinter (fits 8 ppl), Mercedes Mini-Bus (fits 16 ppl) an Mercedes Mini-Bus (fits 19 ppl).  Most cars come wit he following extras: black leather interior, heated seats, dvdplayer, on board wi-fi and mobile charger! Also available full-time drivers, dedicated only to you and yours for the number of days needed.


Going-out for a fun dinner and not having to stress about drinking and catching police on the road, is no longer a worry! Having to wait a long time in a queue to park your car at the beach is no longer necessary! Scheduling a car to take your kids to a horse or golf class while you stay chilling by your pool is possible in Comporta! 


Although Comporta has no Ubers or taxis, there is a fleet of 2 Vans (fitting 7 and 8 people) ready to drive you and yours around in the region. It is advisable to schedule ahead of time to guarantee availability.

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It's important to keep in mind that distances in Comporta can be quite significant and that taxis or Ubers aren't available, therefor it is important to account for transportation to move around smoothly. It is advised to secure your transportation as early as possible in the peak season as demand is higher than offer, in Comporta.

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