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Comporta Pine Estate

This sophisticated and modern villa, is well-equipped and beautifully tended to grounds, leaving everyone with the feeling that they have been to paradise! The Estate includes daily staff from 9am-11pm, meaning you will never have to lift a finger during your stay. 

Price upon inquiry

Cleaning fee: €600
5 nights minimum stay
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Situated between Comporta and Melides, right on the Atlantic Ocean, the Comporta Luxury Estate boasts one of the most enviable postcodes in Portugal.

The closest beach is Brejo da Carregueira de Baixo, famous for its long stretches of sandy beaches and aquamarine water. 

Perched on a plateau overlooking a fairy tale vineyard, the the Comporta Luxury Estate is the perfect place to relax in style with family and friends. The villa itself consists of six main bedrooms and an additional bungalow with two further bedrooms, meaning you can sleep sixteen people with ease and there is the option of in-house staff.

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All the bedrooms in the main house feature large, comfortable beds and en-suite bathrooms, and one was done up specially with children in mind. Each suite is done up in its own colour scheme, and these vary from zebra print walls to a more traditional white washed style, meaning the villa can accommodate all tastes!

The bathrooms include features such as double sinks, free-standing baths beneath huge windows and modern apppliances. the main hub of the villa is arguably the large living room area, which has a cosy library and television area off the side of it for those who want a private moment to chill.

The library is fitted out with beautiful dark wooden panelled bookshelves and plush white sofas. The main living room area and the library both feature huge fireplaces to add to the ambience. A large wooden dining table is positioned near the kitchen and pantry that has seating for the whole party. The bungalow is done up with the same attention to detail as the main house and has its own private entrance. 

The outside of the the Comporta Luxury Estate is just as impressive as the inside: featuring two spacious outdoor dining and chill areas, a tennis court, glistening pool and luscious grounds, it will take your breath away. Next to the pool there is an elevated gazebo area with sofas that’s perfect for relaxing.

There is also a specially built shallow area for children, meaning you can properly kick back and relax and know that they will be safe. Additionally, we can erect a child protection fence around the main pool upon request. Just a short walk from the pool there is also a tennis court and a treehouse, meaning you’ll never run out of things to do for those wanting a slightly more adventurous stay! There is also court-side gallery seating by the tennis court. 

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The the Comporta Luxury Estate includes staff who are there from 9am-11pm, seven days a week, meaning you will never have to lift a finger during your stay. The wonderful team includes: two cooks, one kitchen helper, one housemaid, one laundry maid, one waiter, one gardener and a food and beverage shop assistant.  

It’s safe to say that this sophisticated and modern villa, with its well-equipped and beautifully tended to grounds, will leave everyone with the feeling that they have been to paradise.

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Photos Pine Estate
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