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Comporta Glass House

A unique contemporary villa that will take your breath away!

Starting at €1,429 / night

Cleaning fee: €300
3 nights minimum stay
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Nestled amongst pine trees, Comporta Glass House is a unique contemporary villa that will take your breath away. The name says it all really, boasting huge glass windows, high ceilings, and some glass walls, this villa is unlike any other. The interior is open-plan and unapologetically simplistic, with wooden flooring and breezy white furnishings that fit perfectly with its tranquil surroundings.

The 22 hectares surrounding the property are vibrantly green and expertly tended by the charming local farmer, Mr Germinal. Run on programmes dedicated to preserving the nature of the area, non-intensive organic farming is practised here. The grounds also feature a playground, making Comporta Glass House an absolute favourite with the little ones. 

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The central living room’s ceiling is double height, creating stunning natural light and a feeling of unbridled freedom, and this connects to the entirely marble kitchen. Comporta Glass House features four bedrooms: two double suites, one twin room, and a double bunk-bed room for kids. All rooms are done up in a similar manner to the rest of the house, combining fresh whites and creams with pine and glass to create heavenly bedrooms that will induce an interrupted slumber, and each is fitted with its own air conditioning system so that guests can remain cool even in the hottest months. To maintain the pristine state of the house, cleaners are available four hours a day to ensure you don’t have to lift a finger during your stay. 

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About an hour’s drive from Lisbon, Comporta is a sweet fishing village that is still blissfully undiscovered by the masses, meaning you can really enjoy a relaxing and quiet sunbathe on the beach. Rice paddies make up the surrounding land of Comporta, with meandering streams to the ocean running amongst the gorgeous greenery.


The highly-protected nature reserve is truly one of a kind, and The Glass House is the perfect spring-board for exploring this slice of Portuguese heaven. 

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